Some Benefits of Yoga

A regular weekly yoga practice encourages people to come together in a positive way to move their body in a positive way.

* Yoga improves joint mobility as we move our joints through their full range of motion. Moving joints prevents stiffness in the body helping to ease all aches and pains. If we do not use it, we loss it !


Post natal yoga exercises for a healthy & happy mum

After the birth of your beautiful baby just be mindful that your body has undergone massive change. During pregnancy your body produces additional chemicals called hormones which have many functions, one of which is to relax the firm ligaments that hold the bones of the spinal column together as relaxin produced during your pregnancy softens your hips to allow for child birth. These ligaments stay loose for quite a long time after baby is born, so no forcing or straining.


Are You Suffering From “Text-Neck” or “I-Hunch” ?  The Over Use of mobile phone and laptops.      

text neck

Text neck issues

The overuse of mobile phones and laptops is causing chronic rounding shoulders and heads poking forward of our chest as in the picture above with the red cross.

This poor postural position is weakening our spinal muscles, tightening and shortening our pectoralis muscles, contracting biceps and allowing our shoulder blades to wing away from our back. Once this occurs our breathing becomes shallow and poor breathing affects our clarity of mind, circulation, slows and provides a sluggish digestion, makes us tired and in some cases anxiety and depression.