Yoga Exercises to work our Core Stabilising Muscles

What are our Core Stabilising Muscles ?

Core Strengthening is essential to prevent all forms of injury around your lower back. Our core muscles include more than just our abs or tummy muscles. This picture above demonstrates the major muscles of our core which include our transverse abdominis at the front of our body, the multifidus muscle in our back. The multifidus muscle runs the whole length of the vertebral column, but is most developed in the lumbar area which play an important role to keep our spine stable & supported, hence supporting our core. Weakness in the multifidus muscle is associated with lower back pain. At the top of our core is our diaphragm. The location of our diaphragm separates our lunges from our stomach. Incorporating yogic breathing exercises into our daily life is also an important tool to help prevent lower back pain. At the base of our body are our pelvic floor muscles & these muscles represent the base of the core.