The Importance of a Physical Yoga Practice When You are Learning to Meditate

How Important Is The Physical Practice Of Yoga When Your End Goal Is To Learn To Meditate ?

To prepare the mind for being still and focused in preparation for meditation it is best to engage in the physical practice of yoga poses or asanas.

The physical practice of yoga teaches us to bring ourselves back in to our bodies. As we move through a sequence of yoga poses there is a shift in energy. We learn to notice and feel what is actually happening to our physical body ie. muscles and joints and observe any thought, feeling, sensation and let it go.

Runners lunge pose (Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

When we are looking at how to best prepare the body, mind and breath for meditation the physical practice of yoga is most beneficial. Many forms of exercise are repetitive such as cycling, rowing, walking, jogging and swimming whereas our movements repeat themselves over and over.  The difference with a physical yoga practice is that the movements are changing. Stretching and moving up, down, forward, backwards and side to side.

During our yoga practice different shapes and patterns with the body are created and therefore the mind needs to be constantly shifting and changing to make this happen. This pattern of movement encourages the changing energy within the body to calm the body, breath and mind in preparation for meditation.

Therefore to gain the maximum benefits of meditation it is best to participant in a regular physical yoga practice.

Along side yoga I do highly recommend any form of physical exercise you enjoy. Engaging in exercise you enjoy is most beneficial to your good health. Simply walking in the fresh air is perfect.  Create some movement and have fun along the way !

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