Are You Suffering From “Text-Neck” or “I-Hunch” ?  The Over Use of mobile phone and laptops.      

text neck

Text neck issues

The overuse of mobile phones and laptops is causing chronic rounding shoulders and heads poking forward of our chest as in the picture above with the red cross.

This poor postural position is weakening our spinal muscles, tightening and shortening our pectoralis muscles, contracting biceps and allowing our shoulder blades to wing away from our back. Once this occurs our breathing becomes shallow and poor breathing affects our clarity of mind, circulation, slows and provides a sluggish digestion, makes us tired and in some cases anxiety and depression.

Think about your daily activities and see how many of these are posture poor and rounding forward ? Such as office workers, studying students, cyclists, surfers, household chores in which you are rounding forward such as unpacking the dishwasher and making the bed.

We need to strengthen our spines, open the chest and stretch up. Infact “Look Up” Go outside and connect to nature. Stand up tall, lengthen your spine, stretch up and look up to the sky. A great household chore to “look up”, “Stretch up” and ” Connect to the sky and Nature” is to get outside and hang the clothes out. Take your time.  Be mindful and aware of what you are doing while you are doing it.

Once you get outside take a moment to enjoy this feeling, to be present in the sights and sounds around you and breath.

Enjoy some yoga poses below that help reverse all our forward movements and aim to reconnect our shoulder blades down and back with our ribcage and stack our vertebrae on top of each other and our heads back on top of our spines instead of poking forward.

Work on lengthening and stretching the spine. Slow down, relax, breathe and have technology free time. There is software available to shut us out of our computers and i-devices for a given time period so it might be an idea to download this.  Or invest in buying a safe to lock up technology for some technology free time. Too easy !

These exercises are no recommended during pregnancy.


Blog 1

Lying on tummy with arms and legs stretch out. Forehead on the floor so you have chin towards your throat.

Blog 2

Slowly & gently pull finger tips towards you along the floor, keep chin to throat and gently lift torso off the floor. Relax elbows and shoulders. Allow eyes to gaze ahead keeping a long back of neck. Release slowly lengthening spine back out along the floor.

Blog 3

Lying on the floor place hands under shoulders

Blog 4

Start with keeping hands on the floor and slowly lift torso off the floor. Gaze eyes ahead. Hold and then find your strength to lift your hands off the floor.

Blog 5

Harder option : Hold and extend arms back. To release slowly lower chest, forehead & arms back to the mat.

Blog 6

Relaxation : Lengthens spine, opens shoulders and encourages breathe right down into the tummy. Should feel 100 % comfortable. No pain or discomfortable.

Blog 7

Harder Option : Once your lower back feels ready extend legs out. You should feel so relaxed in this position.

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